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Telling your best friend youre dating his sister. How to date your friend's sister | dating tips

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Tell her how you feel and be really honest with her. Be sure he isn't getting over an ex-girlfriend or isn't interested in another woman. That way, he won't feel like you dropped a bomb on him. If her sibling is always around when the two of you are together, the sister might get jealous because you are not spending enough time alone with her.

Being honest and open is the best option here.

Is It Okay To Date My Best Friend’s Brother?

However, if you know he has a girlfriend or is married, it's best to keep your true feelings to yourself.

Learn how to tell your male friend you're in love with him, especially if he thinks of you as just a friend. Step 2 Show respect to your friend by acknowledging his feelings. You don't necessarily have to "tell" him you're in love with him.

And forget about talking to her about your relationship.

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Tip Always be honest with your feelings. Be straightforward with him. Be it a mental or intellectual connection or plain old chemistry, many men and women that are "only friends" end up as more.

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In the meantime, go out and meet some new guys. Dating his sister may be one of the things that would be crossing that line. Warning Never lose a friend over a dreamed-up relationship. To the contrary; you just have to know how to play your cards right to avoid upsetting your friend, as well as his sister.

Don't exaggerate his patting you on the knee. Meet Singles in your Area!

how do you tell your brother your dating his best friend

Your friend might feel weird when she sees you coming over to hang with her bro — but not her. You must be polite, treat her well and stay faithful in the relationship or you're likely to lose the girl and the friend.

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Step 3 Treat your friend's sister with respect emotionally, verbally and physically if you choose to pursue a relationship with her.

If your guy friend isn't interested in dating you, don't take it personally. Lying to her in order to try to spare her feelings and make her feel less uncomfortable with things is only going to make everything worse.


Photo Credits teen couple image by JulianMay. Find out how he feels about you, that is, if he feels any way about you.

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If you undoubtedly love him, it's best to be honest with your feelings. If he doesn't respond positively, give him time and space.