Tempat menarik di kuala lumpur untuk dating, medan muara ikan bakar @ tanjung harapan, port klang

Fresh catches laid out to your visual delight, sending pulses of signals to the gluttony segment of the brain. The fresh cuts of stingray were still tasty without any condiments, yet we struggled to finish even half of these. Full story after the jump.

They will mix and match the methods so that the end result will be diversified. Plus they did the batter well; with eggs thrown in for good measure.

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Sometimes, if work eats up into your work-life balance, the counter measure shall always be to eat, travel and then eat some more. Tuesday evening, and spread your loving arms to welcome the month of October!

Sadly, they over-grilled the fish to a rubbery texture; losing out the moisture from the flesh. The Esplanade now known as Tanjung Harapan is a stretch near to Northport of Klang that houses quite a number of seafood restaurants; with Medan Muara Ikan Bakar being one of the more renowned ones; judging from the crowd.

Fresh seafood tightly-wrapped in banana leaves and grilled without much seasoning, or any gravy.

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Most dishes arrived within minutes; the grilled fish took the longest 20 minutes or so to arrive. The freshness of the crustaceans was evident, with the shells coming off effortlessly and the succulent meat with a firm crunch reeking of sweetness.

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Ask for recommendations from the good people there. Nevertheless, the experience of driving all the way away from the city on a weekend night and savouring fresh seafood under the star-lit skies almost … was priceless.

About 40km from Petaling Jaya. How fresh can the seafood be? Close your eyes and Take a deep Breath. Not to mention the dozen or so staff on the run; serving tables after tables with a smile and nary an indication of emancipation.

Come early evening so you can enjoy the magnificent moments of sunset during the twilight hours. Nasi Lemak Special with a fried egg, a sweetish Sambal Bawang chili paste with onions and the perfect accompaniment for the grilled fish; a dark-coloured sauce flavoured with tamarind juice, belacan pungent shrimp pastechopped raw onions and red chillies.

How to Order — 1 Pick a plastic tray. Well, everything felt like they were caught within hours, or at least the same day, and you can see they have a battalion of soldiers cleaning and preparing the seafood, and a line of experts cooking them.

Next time … choose a thinner cut, or a different fish.

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