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We were very surprised at the quality of the food in this popular marina hang out on night one; we ate there a total of 3 times in a week long visit. Unlike kitefishing in South Florida — crews fishing for swordfish during the day aim to catch one to three fish over the course of the day.

It was a lovely time to refresh and head back to our resort. Testimonials We had walked over to the Marina and needed something refreshing to drink. That was the most for us.

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The reef line runs parallel with South Florida and is an average distance of 2 miles off shore. One of the best ways to go sportfishing in the Bahamas islands is to book a local Fort Lauderdale fishing charter and go by boat to fish the hottest Bahamas fishing grounds like Bimini for one.

We also catch the occasional mahi and tuna while fishing with live baits, so you have to be ready for everything! Bimini The Bahamas are a beautiful chain of islands and a Bimini fishing charter is as close as 60 miles from the South Florida coast. Reef Fishing and deep dropping We fish the reef year round in the South Florida, but the offshore charter boats primarily focus on it from October — April.

Methods include bottom fishing, trolling, kite fishing, drift fishing, and sight fishing.

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Around 3 in the afternoon, we should be about 50 miles off Fort Lauderdale, where we just might hit one last big school of mahi mahi before we get back to Port Everglades inlet. Our minimum trip is a 2 day trip to Bimini, the shortest trip that gives us a good amount of fishing time over there.

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Try adding a little Salsa Lizano, a vegetable based vinaigrette that goes great with almost anything, or mayonnaise, to your pinto for an extra kick.

In Costa Rica, the typical ceviche dish cures the meats in lime juice flavored with finely diced white onion, red bell peppers, salt and pepper, and fresh cilantro, and is served with crunchy corn tortilla chips.

Served with homemade macaroni and cheese and broccoli.

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We get fishing early and fish for whatever you want to target. Bahamas sport fishing is extremely productive, being that there are very few local boats that fish the area.

The house salad includes mixed veggies including chopped tomatoes, cucumbers and onions on fresh lettuce and served with your choice of dressing — Italian, Ranch, Blue Cheese, or Thousand Island.

This technique not only holds your depth silently, but also the wave action is absorbed by the bow while you are comfortable at the stern of the boat.

The average swordfish caught in Florida waters during the daytime ranges from lbs to lbs, with a few weighing well over lbs. We had ice cold tea and a beautiful view of yachts and gorgeous ocean!

Two kites with three baits each are deployed of the stern, and a deep rod and flatline are fished off the bow. Try it before adding syrup! Try any of the other options — they are all delicious.

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When we get back in, its drinks and dinner again, hopefully toasting to a great day of Bimini sport fishing. Usually they are further offshore but they can be a nice surprise.

Your Hillsboro Inlet fishing charter will include ice, tackle, equipment, professional captain and mate, tournament-rigged boat for up to five guest anglers.