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And as mistreated as Amy can be on this show, it was great to see the two take a significant step forward as Sheldon confessed his love for her.

However, there were some strong episodes early out of the gate. Season 7 still set the gold standard in that area, between Bob Newhart's final bow as Professor Proton and Sheldon's wild night out with James Earl Jones, but generally the celebrity cameos were a help rather than a hindrance when it came to comedy.

By Jesse Schedeen Warning: Penny and Leonard finally chose to follow through with their engagement and head to Vegas, only for some new cracks to form in their relationship. The show rehashes familiar beats and starts dragging its feet.

The two were forced to defend their work against a relentless online bully who turned out to be none other than Stephen Hawking having a virtual laugh. Those relationships were at the heart of some really enjoyable episodes this year.

The Verdict

I already mentioned Sheldon's short-lived teaching career. But with the unusually dramatic season finale, hopefully Season 9 will be able to develop a stronger and more immediate momentum for itself.

That episode was rivaled, however, by the more recent "The Troll Manifestation. Then there was the sudden revival and subsequent abandonment of Penny's acting career late in the season. Sadly, too often the writers were content to introduce a new element and then abandon it by episode's end.

Wolowitz, calling her "a loving mother to all of them". Jesse is a mild-mannered writer for IGN. After several season finales in a row that hinged on little more than one character taking an extended vacation, it was great to see such a dramatic finish for Season 8.

Nothing too out of the ordinary in that regard. But while the show did seem rest on its laurels for a good portion of Season 8, the show is no better or worse than it has been in recent years.

It is well received except for one troll who makes disparaging comments. Raj asks so many questions to verify Fillion's identity that he looks annoyed in the photo.