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They could do anything as small as using foul language to something as sadistic as sticking the prisoner in a cage with bedbugs that had been left to procreate for weeks. Although this book contains little which has not yet appeared in the Russian press, she has interviewed several survivors of the gulag and has thoroughly examined recent publications.

The consequent need arose for serial replenishment of convicts.

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According to Gulag records, all of them were criminals. He had won the same award two years previously, when the citation had praised his statesmanship in signing a treaty with Adolf Hitler; this had been a period when Soviet armed forces were carrying out a brutal repression in eastern Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia - and the Soviet-Finnish war was in spate.

Yet what did he intend for the camp inmates? They were transported to Kolyma in chains. Stalin's propaganda left no doubt about who dominated Soviet politics.

This is a garbled version of what happened before and after Stalin's death. The interrogator could be anyone with any type of personality, but he or she always had a myriad of torture methods to extract false or true confessions from a suspect.

Most prisoners were sent to a labor camp when their sentences were issued, but under certain conditions such as an illness that crippled a worker, work related accidents that cost limbs and organ function, or even bad behavior at work, convicts could be sent to prison camps or extermination camps.

Stalin, however, saw economic potential in these camps.

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Alexander Solzhenitsyn preceded her, in much more difficult circumstances, with his Gulag Archipelago. The beds were so small that the average prisoner could lay flat on them and then bend his knees so that his feet flatly touched the floor.

But this happened mainly because the Soviet state, including its police, was worse informed and equipped than Hitler's security agencies in Germany; and the NKVD had to meet the quotas set in the Kremlin regardless of individual guilt or innocence.

Nevertheless, Stalin really did have millions of enemies: A strength of the book is the author's insistence that conditions in the camp were meant to be severe but bearable. InNikolai Yezhov was replaced by a man named Lavrenty Beria. In addition to this, in the mindset of the day, if someone was suspected of anti-Bolshevik activities, they were automatically guilty.

Taking into account the fact that Gulag records are horribly incomplete, It is difficult to get a more accurate figure. Lenin had established the first camp on an isolated island above Arkhangelsk, near the Barents Sea, as a place for political dissidents Thesis on gulags had fought against the revolution.

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The Hunt occurred for no reason other than the sadistic guards wanted to shoot their guns around and not get fired. The Soviets were slower than most of the world in respect to industrialization due to World War I and the following October Revolution.

They had no names, only numbers on their backs. Nor was it safe to dump them unguarded in remote towns of the USSR.

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Bolsheviks were the ruling Communist party in the Soviet Union. Dinner was cabbage soup with cereal and fish heads floating in it along with the remainder of the bread ration.

The question arises how any remained alive when the camps started to be emptied after Category One convicts were sentenced to be shot, while Category Two convicts were to be sentenced to hard labor in the Gulags.

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In total, more than thirty thousand were shut down. If the accusation was still denied, the interrogator could do anything to the prisoner. Inthe Gulags were in a period known as the Great Purge. What they report may be a true story but not the whole story. Scores of prisoners died on a daily basis due to starvation and exhaustion alone.

The Gulag project was starting to fade before the Liberation period, so most Gulag camps and colonies had already been shut down.