Examples of thesis and chapter formats when including publications : Graduate Research Hub Examples of thesis and chapter formats when including publications : Graduate Research Hub

Thesis related work chapter, 1. structure

Essential requirements

They are used to adapt a framework to unforeseen requirements. The decision of which aspect is considered important is independent of the deployed technique.

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Framework misuse causes constant work-arounds for the client and may easily lead to unstable and buggy code. The chapter most likely to provoke fear, uncertainty and doubt.

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It may or may not have been implemented using object-oriented frameworks-in case of an object-oriented system it typically is. However, it is lacking more advanced features like role model synthesis composition of collaborations.

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However, such a reengineering activity is also an example of the more general design activity for object-oriented frameworks. They reuse the software architecture of this particular type of application as defined by the application framework and its domain frameworks.

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Means to describe task-specific collaborative behavior of objects are needed, as well as mechanisms to compose these pieces of collaborative behavior to define the full object collaboration.

Hence, Fibonacci is strong in the area of dynamically acquiring and loosing roles, as may happen during the lifetime of an object. Roles are modeled in role hierarchies, which are type hierarchies.

Objects in a collaboration play a role, which is described using a type. It is possible to add additional specification using general UML mechanisms, but no specific role modeling support is provided. As a consequence, I resort to using a qualitative approach based on case studies to validate the dissertation thesis.

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The composition is called role model synthesis, and is supported by dedicated tools. The phrase "[problem] severity is reduced" does not lay claim to a quantitative measure. We took a couple of photos of the board with my phone and then rubbed it all out.

Depending on the researchers' background, such related work has a specific focus like conceptual modeling, runtime configuration, or database design.

They represent the domain as an abstract design, consisting of abstract classes or interfaces.

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Much of the complexity of frameworks goes into designing and implementing the object collaboration behavior. Therefore, the thesis statement of the dissertation only claims that the presented approach helps expert developers that already understand class-based modeling and framework design well.

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However, much like OOram, Catalysis does not introduce an explicit framework concept as used in this dissertation. Objects are fully hidden behind roles and programmers never get to see an object except through a mediating role.

Here, the application domain is the underlying domain of the existing framework, and the reengineering activity becomes a design activity for the application domain taking the purpose and structure of the existing framework into account.

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However, they do not add to the discussion and are therefore omitted from it. Thesis Abstract The abstract should summarize the entire thesis.

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Technical Approach Provide a brief overview of the tools and methods that you will use to solve the problem. The last column is a list of subheads.

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Roles can be aggregated to form aggregate roles, and they can be specialized to form new derived roles. Objects are instances of classes, and thereby represent instances of a domain concept.

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A component is a well-defined technical artifact with interfaces to other components. Naturally then, the new design can be expressed well using role modeling. Why is it relevant and worthy solving?