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You may install the lite version of the app if you face any bug as it is the paid version and paid apps have to face some issues by Android. Android users can get Pure, the dating app from Google Play Store.

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And from being a useful app for straight people looking for one night stands, it is also famous in the gay and lesbian association.

To download Tingle, iOS users click here. Tingle If you just got dumped and looked for some fun, then Tingle is the dating app that will help you hook up with someone who too awaits to get hooked up in your nearby locality.

And you can respond to an invitation within 24 hours to make further meeting plans. So what are you waiting for? The new pro version of the RIF has some new features which optimize the phone with widgets and moderated features.

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Blendr In the list of best hook up appsBlendr deserves a place. Share and discuss posts with other redditors.

Also, you get notified if someone checks out your profile so that you can start your serious relationship or the casual fling you want quickly. With Whiplr you can directly jump to the dirty talking, without getting into the preliminaries.

While swiping left you reject a person. While you were reading this, even more, viral videos, GIFs, and memes were posted on Reddit! The selection process of this app lets you ask some pre-selected questions to the other person helping you know their likes and dislikes.

The iOS users can get it from this link. Here you can rate the profile of different users and broadcasts the suggestions of your date. Available for free for both iOS and Android users, Tinder is one of Top dating apps reddit top used hookup apps.

The performance of the Sync for Android is very unusual. Reddit is a very famous website over the Top dating apps reddit. The Official App is the coolest Reddit Android app.

This app applies different rules to the same sex and heterosexual communities. Tinder The last in our list is the father of all dating apps and hookup apps.

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BaconReader for Reddit has the very attractive and new updated user interface and many new and improved features. Its work pattern involves two different communities one for adults and the other for teens.

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While the lite version is the free Reddit Android app for the Android users. It offers high privacy and security in such cases.

It also works on GPS system. One of Cinderella dating site main features of this fantastic dating app is that your hookup choices remain hidden from your Facebook friends.

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You can also view Best Adblocker applications. And the impressive part associated with Blendr is that you need not require an account on the social media or various networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. The Sync for Reddit has very cool features including the fully access to the Reddit updated posts.

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Both Android and iOS users can get the opportunity of one night stands with Tingle. Android users can download this dating app from here. Relay for Reddit has a lot of features which make the experience of using the app excellent for the users.

You can feel free to send those naughty and sexy pics to the other person.

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Android users can get the Skout app by clicking the given link. The official Reddit app connects you to all of Reddit with infinite scroll, autoplay GIFs, and the fastest-loading interface of any Reddit app.

The minimum age of the user for the teen community is thirteen, which sometimes intimidate some people.