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He has given the Twains essays impression that he was not enamored of Christian organization. The success of that work might have satisfied a lesser man and led him into a long career of repetition of the same kind of sweet-natured appreciations of childhood.

Twain obviously fell in love with the river and with piloting, and the whole book is a joyful exercise in telling it once and for all, since it had, at the time of printing, been lost forever. The Bible commanded that witches should not be killed, showing that witches existed.

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Twain provides facts throughout his essay that are generally hard to argue with in regards Writing interpretive essays the bad things that humans are capable of that animals Twains essays not, but does not use emotion to trigger a response from the reader.

Huck, in a sense, comes to the end of this novel as the most civilized white person of all. He has an amusing running joke about guides who may change throughout the tour but have a kind of obvious sameness in their determination to make a meal out of the Americans. The Tom Sawyer confidence tricks are part of the folklore of American life.

The tale becomes complicated further as Tom and his friends return to their own funeral and Tom manages to get away with his nonsense, but the murder still hangs fire.

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All the obvious problems of rags and riches are displayed, sometimes with comic intent but often with serious concern. They are lively, strong-willed, imaginative boys who at the beginning of the novel are captives.

Everything that happens is probable if unlikely to happen. Jim is property before he is a man, and Huck is deeply troubled, surprisingly, by the thought that he is going to help Jim.

Tom and Huck become rich boys, but they are not yet tamed, as Huck will prove in his own novel in which Tom once again spins a marvelous yarn of sheer comic trickery. If the neighbor wrongs someone, no matter the circumstance, he is impinged with the same magnitude of pain, Seth, pp Much of this is funny, and that was expected of Twain, but it can involve a strong satiric bite; Twain can be irascible.

Yet it is told that they will be left out in the hereafter. Louis for five hundred dollars, which Twain is to pay him out of his first wages as a pilot. The joke is ultimately on Twain, and he takes it well. All of these things prohibit his essay from being considered a legitimate argument, and points to it being more a rant by the author, however effective it may be.

The pattern is a common one in the history of fiction; Twain weds it to another common structure, the picaresque, which has a long literary history and in which the main characters, while traveling, encounter trials and tribulations that test their wits and ultimately their moral fiber.

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There is a kind of broken-backed structure to the work, caused in part by the fact that earlier versions of chapters 4 to 17 originally appeared in The Atlantic Monthly in serial form. Jim—ignorant, superstitious, and timid but loyal and devoted to Huck—has, on the long trip down the river, shown over and over that he is a man of considerable character, despite his color and despite his disadvantaged life as a slave.

Tom dreams of a life of royal power and plays that game with his mates in the slums, then he is given his chance.

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Bixby, the pilot, agrees to teach him the Mississippi from New Orleans to St. The Duke and the King escape without discovering that Huck has revealed their plan. Twain used the turkey to create irony by giving the turkey human like smarts and actions, and give the boy turkey like hunting skills.

Even when the two move on, driven by the news that in the town a reward has been posted for Jim, accusing him of murdering Huck, Huck carries a strong sense of wrongdoing because he is helping Jim to escape—not from the murder charge, which can be easily refuted, but from his mistress, who clearly owns him and is entitled to do with him what she will.

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His career as a literary figure was in its infancy, and he had yet to write a novel, but there was surely sufficient evidence in his newspaper work and in his short stories that he had a gift for satire that was barely controlled and that he was not quite as refined in his literary conduct as might have been expected from an East Coast journalist.

Twain wonders why such cruel punishment to other animals, hence seeming tastes that are questionable.

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Above all the injustices that He has done to man, God continues tormenting the poor abused and slave man, by inviting man to worship Him, Hare, pp 2 Twain has harshly criticized the Christian Bible by terming it as a store of drugs.

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It starts formally enough, with a sonorous history of the river that reveals how much Twain feels for the phenomenon of the Mississippi which will appear again in Adventures of Huckleberry Finnbut swiftly falls into rambling anecdotes, comic turns, and tall tales. There are ideas in that novel that Twain wants to disturb his readers quite as much as they bother Huck.

Terrified by possessing a secret which they do not want, they vow to keep quiet, even after Muff Potter, a stupid, drunken companion of Injun Joe, is accused of the murder.

Both boys, caught in radically different situations quite beyond their former experience, respond admirably, if the prince is always somewhat less agile in dealing with problems than Tom.

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Twain was also very interested in science and scientific inquiry he patented three Twains essays. The prince is always less flexible than Tom, and he never admits to anyone that he is not the royal child; indeed, he is determined to play the ruler even in rags.

Twain sets himself up as the straight man for the dead-panned raconteur, who, once he gets started, is impossible to stop.

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