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The area where most people can afford to lose 10 pounds of so if they really wanted too. The only thing he has going for him is that he has ambition A friend and his wife were recently trying to Free casual dating apps me up with some of their single friends.

No kids, never been married, and has to be in "decent" shape. He is a Mormon, and after we quit dating, I overheard that he is upset that he cannot bag a temple recommend holding Mormon woman, one of whom is attractive. He looks like Mexican Trailer Trash: I'm tired of the unrealistic standards of it all.

I workout almost everyday and try to take care of myself.

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The last guy made a fool of me and isn't that hot. Originally Posted by suissegrl I've seen several threads on here that talk about women with their heads in the clouds.

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He now regularly whines about how badly his dates are going. I cannot wait for the internet to tear me apart on this one. He manages money poorly.

I've also read that women don't consider looks I also dress nice and trendy; I get compliments regularly for how I look--I'm more of a fashionista. He lives with his parents.

She does not have to be "fit" like a fitness Unrealistic standards dating. I do not think it's wrong to expect that in someone else either.

Allow me to give examples form the last three men I've liked or dated. I'm not expecting a guy to be rich or middle class even, but some sort of ambition would be nice!

I seem to be finding a lot of men who think they are entitled to women who are a 9 or a 10, even when they are a 5. My friend said that I would probably need to adjust those standards and be more realistic. The girl does not have to be thin like a Victoria's secret model.

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The only woman he will date? As they told me about and showed me pictures of their friends, I politely said no thanks to most of them. I'm 27, does not have any kids, has never been married, and I think I'm in decent shape. He is overweight, was once obese. I'm just not into big girls and I'm not sorry about that.

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I can't seem to find those threads. I've decided to quit dating for a while, to just focus on my walking and running, to get up to marathon level. But I'm not a 10, or even a 9, and I'm smart enough to realize this and smart enough not to go looking for those kinds of men. He's not too horrible on the eyes, he knows how to dress.

I have contemplated blocking him on facebook because he complains at length about how he cannot get a Mormon woman, and how even us non-LDS women won't date him.

And yes, I have met female friends and colleagues with their heads in the clouds.

In his universe "attractive" means looks like Gwyneth Paltrow or Megan Fox, but with Unrealistic standards dating temple recommend, and willing to overlook the fact that he lives with his parents and their cats, owns a crap car, has no aspirations and goals beyond being a "starving artist" he works part-time, for minimal wages at a department store and is NOT in college and has never gone on an LDS mission.

I have three that comes to mind.

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Vegas has been ranked as having more men than women, and the women there are above average looking, according to several polls, and far pickier. I think his ex inflated his ego; she was a 10; but he dated her, I'm sure, because he met her in a city with more women than men, so the women settle more.

I would just prefer this to be a new and exciting experience for both of us. If I were to rate him, I'd rate him a 6. He complains that the women are few and far between.

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