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It promotes a model-based validation approach that enables you to keep your applications very DRY, and helps ensure that validation rules are enforced consistently throughout an application.

Select List from the Scaffold template drop-down. This setting will avoid an exception when the Entity Framework assigns null values to the model before Data Annotation validates the fields.

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Code Snippet - ASP. It exposes the all-important "IsValid" property, which you check in server code to determine if all of the user input is OK.

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Leave the other fields with their default value and then click Add. This is done via the last line of code in the code snippet above.

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The process of converting the page includes the following steps: Our validation code is also still very DRY- we can specify the rules in one place and have them be enforced across all across the application — and on both the client and server.

CustomValidator This allows you to write your own code to take part in the validation framework. This ability to specify the validation rules one place and have it be honored and respected everywhere allows us to rapidly evolve our application and rules with a minimum amount of effort and keep our code very DRY.

Adding an Edit view Task 3 - Running the Application In this task, you will test that the StoreManager Edit View page displays the properties' values for the album passed as parameter. The ValidationSummary can optionally display a message box to the user if there are errors.

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Adding a Delete View The Delete template shows all the fields from the model. If it is blank, the error message will be displayed where the control is positioned, as well as appearing in the summary.

To simulate this, I will create a dummy function in server-side code that checks that the first character is not an "a.

Note To read more about Extension Methods, please visit this msdn article. Add a new controller. The above approach is not as elegant as a pure POCO approach — but has the benefit of working with pretty much any tool or designer-generated code within Visual Studio.

To do this, right-click the Controllers folder within the Solution Explorer, select Add and then the Controller command. The method takes an Album object.

For these we will use RegularExpressionValidator controls. This allows a wide variety of checks to be made and can be used for things like ZIP codes and phone numbers.

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Update the album entry in the context to mark it as a modified object. Custom Fit The final thing we need to check is that the name is not already taken in our hypothetical site.

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NET MVC 2 enables developers to easily add declarative validation attributes to model or viewmodel classes, and then have those validation rules automatically be enforced whenever ASP. Remove album ; this.


Replace all the Album fieldset code with the following: The Delete controller action is exactly the same as the previous Store Details controller action: All you need to do is check the IsValid property of Page to work out if you can proceed to update your database. If you added Data Annotations directly to the model classes, they would be overwritten if you update the model from the database.

Genres, "GenreId", "Name", album. It does not require that you use the DataAnnotation validation approach — all of the infrastructure works independent of DataAnnotations and can work with Castle Validator, the EntLib Validation Block, or any custom validation solution you choose to use.

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