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Of course, not forgetting the most important part, vampires, and other mythical creatures. With the "best tasting blood" I became the center of a war?!

Having suffered from amnesia, Saya Otonashi was unable to remember or recall any memories beyond the previous year.

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Although this anime is considered to be one of the classics, JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken is still popular amongst the anime fans.

Owari no Seraph Seraph of the End: July - June Taking the number 4 spot on the list, we have Bakemonogatari!

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After the sudden mysterious death of a girl named Megumi Shimizu in the village of Sotoba, a strange epidemic seemed to be brewing. With his new found ability, he tries to go about his day, but more strange things happen, forcing Koyomi to take further action in helping other people regarding issues that dabble in with the supernatural realm.

A sweet yet sour love between two male students, A simple and passionate love, A forbidden love with an idol, Teasing a man till he burst with jealousy Rumored to be very powerful and ruthless, Staz, in reality, is quite the slacker and an ignorant vampire who is secretly an otaku and basically obsessed with anything made from the human world.

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Thanks to his lack Vampire anime dating games grades, Tsukune Aono was unable to enroll in high school. What treacherous fates awaits them both?

Being the only human there, Tsukune must avoid causing any trouble or he might risk getting his identity exposed, which would result in death.

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Find out more on the much-acclaimed series, Vampire Knight! Originally based on Dating email examples same manga adaptation, the series gained quite some attention from the anime community.

Little that he know, that it was an academy dedicated to creatures like vampires and such. Find out more in Shiki!

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It all comes together quite nicely, making this anime a definite must watch for anime fans. But on one faithful night, everything changes.

Find out more in Seraph of the End! July - September Up next, we have Blood Lad on the number 7 spot.

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Little that he know that the mask harbor sinister power, turning him into a vampire. This can be seen as the traditional vampire weaknesses are shown in this series, such as unable to walk around at noon or exposed to sunlight, and then, of course, the mysterious chic. The side effects from his near-death experience started to kick in, soon he was able to regenerate wounds and have greatly enhanced vision.

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Or will be they be forever held captive as livestock for feeding? Will the humans emerge victoriously? Strike the Blood Episodes: We bring you lovely dreams of a maiden, from the squeeze of your heart, to a serious boys love adventure.

Held captive as livestock for the vampires, Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya, who are both orphaned children, strived to plot a rebellion to free them from the evil clutches of their captors. The appeal of these nightlife creatures is without a doubt, something to be mesmerized.

The more affection you win through correct answers and skill missions, you can earn special scenerios and enjoy more heart racing stories.

You can enjoy your love with any of your vampire lovers.

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Although their existence is nothing more of a mere story, they have been inspirations to many as it often times become the spotlight features of films, TV series, and of course the anime world. Driven by his obsession for humans, he is determined to find a way in resurrecting the girl, even if it means giving up his territory.

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It seems he's related to Ren in some way? He's cold towards you, but he's really looking after Vampire anime dating games when you're not watching.

This series is perfect for those of you that likes to binge watch anime. Little that he know, Dio was a cruel, and crooked person at heart, aiming to inherit all the wealth of the Joestar legacy.

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