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Vegan dating australia, this site has been blocked for uzbekistan.

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I have a five year old daughter, and we are vegan and would like to meet a good and honest and devoted family man: I've just returned to NSW woohoo!

I try to be a man of grace and integrity, and I'm inspired by kindness, in myself and others. I've been in Australia for only 28 months. I want to know more vegan and spiritrul friends from other countries.

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I love animals very much, I think they are really good friends for us. But I not adverse to it. Relaxed gentleman yes really! Would love to meet someone special to share this wonderful city and world with ;- I'm a passionate and compassionate man, a reader, a writer, a paddler, a father, a thinker, a feeler, a coach, a creative spirit.

Being a vegan is the proudest thing for me.

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I very rarely go out in the evening. I'm friendly, outgoing, honest, reliable and love to socialise. I like freshly cooked food.

Living in Sydney, Australia Vegetarian diet. Please, only show recent photos. I care about the weakest link. Here ends my stream of consciousness For me it's story. Most of my photos have been taken during that time. I was vegetarian for 14 years and vegan for 6 years.

We all have this one fine quality that defines us and drives us, our ethos.

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To be honest, I'm happiest in the middle of nature with hardly anyone about at all! I've worked on a formal volunteer basis with homeless men for over 15 years. Hi everybody, I am a French vegan traveller looking for girls who'd like to share about veganism, culture and enjoy good moments especially outside.

I enjoy going out, live music, gardening, restoring furniture, I try to play the guitar and ukulele, but need help.

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I am a chinese vegan girl who was born in Beijing. It's beyond our children and family whom we love. I love ideas and people with a passion for life.

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I believe there will be more and more vegeterians in the world, and hope the vegan community will gradually expand and the world will be more peaceful and have less slaughter. Living in Gold Coast, Australia Vegan diet. Have a positive attitude.

My passion is animal rights, I volunteer caring for animals.

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I appreciate nuance, I enjoy banter, and adore good spelling. Hello, my name is Jess, and I am looking for my beautiful hearted soulmate Curious to discover new culture and country with their way of life, people and specificity I'd love to share it with persons who will cross my way.

The only baggage I have goes on a plane: Living in PerthAustralia Vegan diet. I believe there are angels in the world, and they are constantly helping us, so although being a Vegan in China was not very easy, I still feel happy and lucky.

I think we all have amazing stories to tell, and we're seeking others' stories, to inspire us, to be part of theirs and them to be part of ours. Three amazingly affectionate and independent teenaged daughters.

If love is an endless conversation let's start talking today.