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The traffic is crazy — but you will survive Motorbike traffic in Vietnam operates on the same principle as a school of fish. Shake any water off and dunk greens in the soup.

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Discuss your profile with 15 to 20 families according to your requirement on monthly basis. In no particular order. Our research extends to families as marriage is an amalgamation of two souls and their family bondings.

To cross the road, stand at the curb and look both ways. Your best crossing option, though, is to wait for a local to cross, then walk beside them.

Have fun Vietnam is noisy and dirty, with rubbish in the streets, horns honking day and night and all available space dedicated to some form of commerce. Allocate a whole day to the Museum of Ethnography in Hanoi Give the kid a day off from city life and head out to the Museum of Ethnography.

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They will think your fear is hilarious, and they will usually try to make sure you survive the crossing. If you get a dose of the squirts, use the butt-hose to preserve your butt-skin.

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Trucks and buses are the kings of the road. But people will ask where your husband is. There's namelessness therefore the greater section of your particular merchandise is secured far from prying eyes. The people on the motorbikes have a vested interest in NOT hitting you, so try to make it easy for them to avoid you by being predictable.

Let them run around and climb into and out of the traditional houses in the outdoor section of the museum. The more Westernised convenience stores look like s. If you are still, motorbikes can go around.

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It is fun and easy. Thar be butt-hoses The butt hose can be your best friend or your worst enemy. My school of fish theory only applies to motorbikes.

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Just be slow and steady and you should get to the other side in one piece. But most Vietnamese can understand hello and thank you.

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