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Anyone who has ever dated before knows that dating is a numbers game.

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Baker tried to recruit the night club owner for VIP Life, but he declined, he said. The service claims it's responsible for dozens of marriages. Have you ever actually known someone who found love through a matchmaker? For every one high quality single that signs up with a high end matchmaker, 5 are likely to be desperate, unattractive, socially awkward, womanizers, etc.

Clampitt said that she last saw Baker about a month ago at a her house where Baker's boyfriend cooked dinner for them. Baker's Facebook page says she co-hosted a fundraiser for a Texas-based animal shelter called Shelby Shelter with Gristina, a pig loverlast fall at a West Village nightclub.

Some charge upwards of 40, dollars. VIP Life only works with men who are interested in long-term relationships, Clampitt said, adding that she recently turned away a "super handsome" male client because she heard he had a reputation as a player.


Their fellow co-host, the nightclub owner, said Baker was an old friend who he briefly dated years ago. You might be a well-rounded, successful, and intelligent man or woman, so the idea of being set up with someone similar would be ideal.

You want a man that is within 5 years of you and successful? Okay, well… Maybe not quite that last part.

And guess how many dates you will receive for that fee? Baker, a brunette beauty with sultry brown eyes, attended Broward Community College in Florida, according to her Linkedin profile.

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The club said he'd met and dated many of Baker's friends over the years, but none ever asked for money or implied they wanted payment. Okay, how about a friend of a friend of a friend? All the issues discussed in this article are why I set up my revolutionary service here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, which combines traditional matchmaking, with the modern world of online dating.

The ability to find a relationship.

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Matchmakers attract a lot of the wrong people. Click below and learn why we continue to find relationships for women over 50 at an unprecedented rate. The greatest city in the world. View Full Caption Facebook Sources said Baker knew Gristina from high-end networking dinners that the accused madam hosted at Manhattan restaurants.

The same thing goes on with professional matchmakers. Baker is believed to be an associate of Anna Gristina, the mother of four who is suspected of Vip matchmaking nyc a high-end prositution service that catered to wealthy and powerful men.

She was indicted with Gristina, but is yet to be found.

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See a pattern here? Baker was preparing for a move to Los Angeles.

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This should tell you all you need to know about how relevant matchmakers in NYC are in the modern era. Guests at the intimate soirees, from which Gristina would collect fees, included a Vip matchmaking nyc billionaire, a Morgan Stanley banking big and the owner of a Fifth Avenue building, among others.

But the highest quality men and women in New York City are also on online dating sites, and they are looking for someone of equal quality. The matchmakers rarely have dates that align to your preferences.

But of course, you be the judge! Ever see an online dating site that is super niche where you wonder, who would actually join this site?

Once upon a time online dating was far from mainstream, attracting a rather sketchy crowd. Well she joined this site to find a rich guy who will take care of her.

It would be so nice if someone could just find a partner for you that has everything in common with you on paper, have the two of you meet, and then live happily ever after.

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For better or worse, online dating is where most successful men and women in NYC are looking for love. Refusals to provide refunds.

All the quality singles are online dating these days.

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The service works with a select roster of only 30 male clients at a time, who pay to be matched with beautiful, engaging women, said Clampitt.