Wapa: A Popular Lesbian Dating App Now Available in Countries Wapa: A Popular Lesbian Dating App Now Available in Countries

Wapa dating site. Wapa - lesbian dating app for ios – review & download .ipa file

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The system tallies the votes and features genuine profiles more prominently. Today, Wapa is among the most popular lesbian-only dating apps in the world.


Through a new LGBTQ-friendly app, the Wapa team hopes to give gay men and lesbian women a platform where they can mingle freely and discreetly with people they desire.

An Internationally Acclaimed Women-Only App Wapa is a positively beautiful dating solution for youthful lesbian, bisexual, and bi-curious women around the world. The popular app supports a queer-friendly network of overwomen in countries worldwide.

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Keep your eye on Wapa — because it has a lot of bold plans in the works. It burst onto the dating scene as the first lesbian-only dating app available in Europe, and it has been wowing women ever since.

What's New

Wapa is a Spanish slang word meaning a beautiful and elegant woman. If you want to try the beta version pls send an e-mail to testing wapoapp.

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Every month, overwomen browse Wapa in search of romance. Although it has already grown to serve countries, this up-and-coming dating app is just getting started.

Wapa Dating Site

The team is currently developing ways to verify photos and profiles more efficiently to keep the scammers and spammers at bay. Wapa also uses a cutting-edge user-generated verification system to vet dating profiles and weed out the fakes.

A few years ago, an innovative dating company decided to name its lesbian dating app Wapa as a nod to its youthful appeal and techy roots.

A four-digit passcode will lock the app so no one can break in without your permission.

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Thank for your review. Andrei said he often hears lesbian women complain about fake profiles on other dating networks, and Wapa wants to eliminate that issue by building safeguards and authentication tools.

Thank you for your mail. Tried to send emails to get help but doesn't even seem to have customer service.

After a while I decided to delete the app and did it. Wapo used to have some problems with ios, but now the new version is ready and in a few day you will have the possibility to download it! Not very happy at all, and not that many users. I assumed that It would remove my profile but in fact, my profile still is up and now I can't even delete the profile at all.

Maybe we didn't receive it, we alwas answer to every mail we receive.

Wapa Dating Site

You can use the GPS locator on your phone to pinpoint dates in the area, or you can browse through profiles from all over the world.

Can you please send again the mail you sent to help wapoapp.

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Wapa is a hassle-free dating app for lesbian, bi, and bi-curious women worldwide. Because being gay is illegal, being caught with a well-known gay dating app, such as Grindr, on their phones could get a person arrested. Horrible app most of the profiles don't ever reply and also turn out to be guys.

Not only does it do that, but it also automatically goes to ads, as soon as you scroll to look through the profiles.