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You get the idea. Besides face many hardships from higher authority, they also learn to cooperate and adjust with the clash of different personalities and backgrounds. Ho Jung eventually stops looking for romance and focuses on her career, eventually finding her passion for photography.

He lends her a sympathetic ear when she begins to realize her feelings for Kyo In, and seems devoted to winning her affections. The love between Kyo In and Ho Jung has never really died, but they still resist declaring their feelings.

Primarily, the series focuses on the difficult path to finding true love, finding yourself, and balancing the need to be independent with loyalty to family.

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One additional comment on this drama the scene where SJS and KSW drunk call their girlfriends at the same time was hilarious. He seems to try hard, but we are never quite sure whether her faith in him is misplaced.

She always wants to carry herself with dignity, but she loses self-control when she is near gourmet foods. When Kyo In and Ho Jae return home to resume their lives, Ho Jae still has no real plans or goals, and Su Ji, who is now a practicing dentist and working with a handsome colleague, is beginning to wonder if he will ever be capable of building a life with her.

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In We Are Dating Now, these two seem determined to find reasons to stay apart. Is Dating Prohibited We are dating now ost Islam Watch we are dating now korean drama watch drama episodes with english subtitles subs online,read we are dating now wiki casts ost synopsis summary or.

Yoon Young Choi as Cha Hee stands out because of her striking looks and rather stony delivery.

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This drama is a Pug speed dating about love, friendship, aspiration, loyalty and patriotism.

This couple are really sweet together. But Jae Young thinks she is too young for him and just sees her as a friend, though he does not exactly discourage her attention either. I found myself feeling enormous affection for everyone, though by the last few episodes I became quite exasperated with the on-again, off-again relationship between Ho Jung and Kyo In.

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The earliest one used to introduce us to Ho Jung as a little girl is with a chivalrous classmate named Jeon Woo. Su Ji Lee Eui Jung, a tiny girl skilled at both comedy and dramais the studious, bespectacled only daughter of wealthy parents mother Eun Sook Sunwoo, an obstetrician, and lecturer father Hyun Sik Im, a doting dad who calls his daughter Princess.

Although we continue to root for the engaging Ho Jung, for me the more satisfying romantic story line was the opposites attract connection between the serious Su Ji and the frivolous Ho Jae, who like Romeo and Juliet struggle to come together despite family opposition from both sides.

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I really enjoyed living in the world of Ho Jung and her friends for 16 episodes and missed them when the series was over. She promises to write him a letter every day while he is away and he is deeply touched to have this loving girl in his life.

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When Gu Yin and Ho Jae enter the military together to fulfill their national service obligation, the romance between Kyo Yin and Ho Jung falls apart not for any really good reason, but simply because these two do not know how to talk to each otherwhile that of Su Ji and Ho Jae strengthens.

She gives Kyo In an ultimatum to distance himself from Ho Yung if he wants to continue their relationship. If you can find a more gorgeous man on the face of the earth than So Jisub, let us know ladies!

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He shovels food into his own mouth and loudly tells her to feed herself! Lee Eui Jung, who is not a great beauty even without her glasses, is cute and appealing, and truly blossoms as Su Ji, taking her from prim teenager to wise woman in love.

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As a teenager, Ho Jung befriends and develops a huge crush on a serious college student named Jae Young played by Sung Si Kyung, in real life an accomplished singer of K-drama themes and ballads who, with his gentle face and wire-rimmed glasses, reminded me of Bae Yong Joon from Winter Sonata.

She is not the most expressive actress but she makes the impact she is supposed to in this role.