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All you'll learn is the words for things. Err on the side of doing things where you'll face competitors. Which in turn is why search engines are so much better than enterprise software. I invented a model of the world that didn't correspond to reality, and worked from that.

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I received a response within a day or so, and my stress was instantly relieved. On all submissions, we perform both, revision and editing. Yet I, too, get to forever read articles about how entitled I am.

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The research 1234 shows that sexist attitudes are best predicted by low levels of education, high levels of religious belief, and whites only low neuroticism. I just got accepted to one of my top three school choices! Besides, in a survey I did of people on an incredibly nerdy forum last year, the average was extremely feminist, so much so that the average nerdy man was more feminist than the average non-nerdy woman.

If you're not at the leading edge of some rapidly changing field, you can get to one. Patriarchy is yet another motte and bailey trick.

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He was very patient and helpful with me. Over seventy five percent of psychology majors are female — a disproportionate which blows out of the water the comparatively miniscule disproportion favoring men in mathematics.

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A one time edit is very helpful, but nothing works better than reviewing your essay many times and making tweaks to improve it.

I had never done this before, but I kept him alive until the ambulance arrived, they restarted his heart and took him to the hospital. But there was one small ray of hope. A male nerd has dared to express that he is sad about being alone and miserable.

I mean, we live in a world where the Chinese Communist Party is the group that enforces Chinese capitalism and oppresses any workers who complain about it.

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Lock your door, and go to a quiet place. Lots of people are mildly interested in a social network for pet owners. Why do you get so much email? I know that telling the truth is widely regarded as honorable and just, and I have no fear of taking responsibility for my actions.

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The person being lied to usually wants to trust the other, and the liar wants to be trusted, but knows that he or she doesn't deserve the trust--it's a vicious circle from which there's no escape except telling the truth, a painful remedy that many people aren't willing to face--they'd rather have the relationship end than tell a truth that may harm them by exposing their actions and their dishonesty.

When you tell a highly-untitled, high-scrupulosity person that they are entitled, it goes about as well as telling an anorexic person that they are fat.

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Traditional journalism, for example, is a way for readers to get information and to kill time, a way for writers to make money and to get attention, and a vehicle for several different types of advertising. It is only acceptable to use these when you quote someone. Look at these low-status people.

Best writing coach I ever had! This was my experience as well.

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Just as trying to think up startup ideas tends to produce bad ones, working on things that could be dismissed as "toys" often produces good ones.