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Instead of it being about defending rape victims… it's turned into these crazies wanting to be topless.

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I believe it's a bit overwhelming in warmer temperatures, so I prefer to wear it in cool weather, and in my opinion it smells best after it has faded. It's an issue she understands well, as the first time she was called a "slut" was in the eighth grade at a party where she was playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with a group of classmates, one of whom took her in the closet and told her to get down on her knees.

Jun fawnydawny I have this in the body cream and it is definitely creamy and luscious. Feb Cairo Rose I wear this scent in the lotion form. It lasts awhile too.

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Photo by Charlotte Rutherford. I bought it was the fragrance mist and the body cream. It is a vanilla, fruity, candied "amber"- not very dark or powdery as other amber fragrances I've smelled. Spicy vanilla which is smooth and non-foody.

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How come I like flowerbomb but I dislike this perfume? And then he just opens the door, right? As a man Ghosted online dating cannot understand why a woman would wear this stuff--it reminds me of "BOD" Black body spray.

I don't wear it all the time because it is somewhat strong for every day wear. I will say that since that time, my nose has matured and though I still like this scent, I want a little more complexity to my frags this is almost a caramel candy coated with vanilla and brandy sort of scent-kinda one notish, if you will and want more layers of fragrance with what I wear now, however I credit this frag for my love of all things amber and boozy.

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I was told I smell "like chocolate", and my dance instructor interrupted the class to tell everyone he thought I smelled "amazing. This frag was a major turn-on for the man I was dating at the time, and it does get raves from most men who catch a whiff of it.

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And I dropped off the Bath and Body Works train. I hated telling people what the name of this was, because it sounds like the name of a stripper LOL!

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Mar jaelyss On me, the vanilla settles down very quickly and I smell mostly of vanilla until after a few hours, the amber and the sandalwood appear at which point it smells delicious and very nice. This is a "your skin but better" scent that can be worn alone or layered.

My experience has been that this fragrance attracts attention from men. I fell into a depression.

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I cannot envision why this is so loved. I really want it Amber is, of course, the most prominent. Hmm maybe I'll give this perfume another shot.

I don't love it but I don't hate it. I've never owned a dominant amber until this fragrance, because my skin turns it into a gross honey-bun sort of smell