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Lee and Nancy Carter Maddy Hill later learn that Mick and Linda are not actually married as they had previously thought. She also takes in a stray dog, Tramp. After she tells Mick this, Mick forces Lee to give him Oz's address and returns with blood on his knuckles, sparking concern from Babe. She reveals she saw Max and Abi cleaning the car lot after Lucy was killed, forcing Abi to admit that Max and Lucy had argued there and she was helping Max clean Lucy's blood.

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At the start of the clip, Mick Carter meets Aiden Maguire to ask if he can get involved again with the planned heist, shaking hands with Mick telling Aiden 'I need back in.

Phil makes plans to flee the country before he can be arrested, but is stalled by Ben, who reveals himself as his father's stalker.

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Despite this, on his way to work, Lee talks to Patrick Trueman Rudolph Walkerwho gives him advice on his marriage. In an argument between Jay and Dexter, Abi discovers that on their holiday Jay kissed a barmaid while they were arguing over the suspected pregnancy.

Morgan returns to Walford with his family for when Bianca is released from prison but is saddened when his father moves away. After throwing a party, Mick and Linda later return and are horrified to see Shirley behind the bar and Dean drinking in The Queen Vic.

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After his first day at work, Lee uses a credit card to buy Whitney an expensive pair of earrings. He also later shares this information with the police investigating Lucy's murder.

Abi later tests positive for chlamydia and realises that Lee may have caught it too.

The Kenyan hookup blog day, Whitney decides to forgive Lee on the condition that he will never assault her again, therefore he should seek anger management therapy.

Abi later was declared brain stem dead and they doctors delivered her premature daughter. Lee later works alongside Buster at his local fish stall, but sneaks off one afternoon for an interview with local landlady Thelma Bragg Lorraine Stanleywhom was initially interested Who is roxy dating in eastenders hiring Nancy.

He initially claims not to remember anything, but after Phil humiliates him for stalling the car's engine, Ben claims that Phil forced Stella to jump on the threat of being pushed.

However, he ignores reminders about repaying the loan. Phil advises him to fight back but takes it too far, as he lands Jordan in hospital. However, through it all, Abi has managed to keep a sensible head on her shoulders, unlike older sister Lauren, whose footsteps Abi was determined not to follow.

Ray did not know that he was a father and is delighted to meet his son.


Abi later comes to the Fowler household to share Christmas dinner with Max and the Fowler family. Whitney confronts Lee, accusing him of having an affair, but he says he was buying her a Christmas present. Johnny now Ted Reilly worries about the amount of money that Lee is spending on his wedding, but Lee insists he is fine.

He cancels his stag party and promises Whitney that he will change and be a better boyfriend, only for her to tell him that she is moving to Milton Keynes to stay with Bianca.

The Branning family watch Abi peacefully die from her bedside. Later, Abi catches Ben and Louise arguing and assumes it is over the Who is roxy dating in eastenders, and she inadvertently reveals she was never pregnant, but Ben was referring to Phil's credit card.

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Whitney receives a letter from Lee's solicitor, citing her unreasonable behaviour as grounds for the divorce, but Woody tells her it is not a big deal and Whitney agrees, deciding it is time to move on from Lee. Ben asks him to take it back, and Luke pays a visit to him at the Archers garage.

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In The Vic, Ben gets drunk and kisses Abi in the toilets and starts to undress her, but then drags her into the pub in her underwear and reveals via the karaoke microphone that she made up her pregnancy.

Contents [ show ] About Abi's bubbly, and self-assured, with a nose for mischief. In SeptemberAbi and Jordan Johnson find Jordan's mother Trina Johnson 's body in the summerhouse at the allotments having been accidentally killed by Jordan's father, Lucas Johnson.

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Abi loses her virginity to Jay much to her parents' disappointment. Babe takes Abi away from the square, and on their return, Abi tells Ben she has had a miscarriage.

Lauren tells Jack and Max about Abi's baby, to her horror.

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Lee offers to accompany Mick to Ollie's next appointment but Mick refuses. She calls him pathetic and says he disgusts her but says she will not tell Mick because he is dealing with the stress of Linda being in Spain with her mother Elaine Peacock Maria Friedmanwho has suffered a stroke.

Lee begins to develop clinical depressionwhich leads to him missing work and being discharged from the Army when he punches one of his colleagues who flirts with Whitney. Abi drunkenly confesses to Lauren about her one-night stand with Lee, so she urges Abi to confess to Whitney as Whitney has caught chlamydia from Lee.

Babe forces Abi into getting drunk and after a drunk Lee Carter compliments her, they have unprotected sex. In JulyPhil and Stella's wedding day, Ben reveals all about Stella, making her commit suicide by jumping off a roof.