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Albert is basically the type of guy Will smith and eva mendes dating spills everything, says the wrong thing every time or does not have the nerve to say anything at all. After this one scene, which should have been cut completely, his character never reappears.

He takes on clients whom he then coaches in the mysteries of finding one's way into the heart of a beloved, but seemingly unattainable, woman.

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Big stars, small screen Rachel McAdams is most famous for her big-screen works, but she's no stranger Other term for paper money television.

This movie is certainly not Oscar-worthy but most movies in its genre aren't either. They become completely comfortable with each other.

This is a well-written, well-acted romantic comedy that is highly enjoyable. James seeks Hitch's help when he falls for a woman named Allegra. Hide Caption 11 of 26 Photos: If you're looking for a cute and funny movie to watch, I certainly recommend Hitch.

Sara is tired of getting hit on by men. Smith takes to the genre like a duck takes to water and makes it his own. Know-it-all really doesn't know it all. The actor, who's long since swapped the small screen for major movie blockbusters, is now set to executive produce a series based on his movie "Hitch.

We see several of his clients walking through the steps to winning the girl.

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But then considering that most of the competition is either really bad horror films I'm including The Wedding Date in that categoryor leftover Oscar Contenders, perhaps that's not saying so much. Hide Caption 5 of 26 Photos: The movie's greatest feature is being able to show just about every aspect or viewpoint one would have about starting a relationship, from the lovesick to the downright sick of love individuals.

If you see the movie, you'll know where it starts. Hitch is a date doctor, someone who corrects the errors in a person's dating style that prevents his meeting the woman of his dreams. Kevin's character is attracted to a beautiful heiress played by Cameron Diaz-wannabe Amber Valetta.

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His seemingly effortless, laidback style of acting strikes pay dirt as the romantic lead in this film. She has signed on to produce and star in an NBC comedy about a single mom who decides to return to work at a New York publishing house. He is the star of the long-running, hit television series, "The King of Will smith and eva mendes dating, a show that I love and wish would run forever.

Most of the movie's big laughs came from his antics. So when this movie was first released in theaters, I reluctantly agreed to watch it with my chick flick-loving friends. Like I said, it's a great date movie.

Their time together onscreen provides the biggest laughs. Of course, them that can, do, while them that can't, coach, and Hitch is no exception. Some of the movie's best moments come early in the film when Hitch narrates several scenarios to illustrate how he works.

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Obviously thats where the humor comes in and then the dramtic climax of whether Hitch gets the girl or not. I would love to see them paired together in a buddy movie, as I think that they would be sensational.

Kevin James is a stitch as Albert, and reveals himself to be one of the more physically graceful large actors to appear in some time.

Second, I think the storyline is cute. As his love interest, Eva Mendes is certainly a gorgeous leading lady, although her character is not always likable. I wish as much effort was expended in the making of romantic comedies as in the production of movies based on comic book heroes or remakes of classics or TV shows.

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Then why does she hang out at bars so much, if she does not want to get approached? Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Under Hitch's careful coaching, however, even our unlikely, lovesick accountant seems to be on the road to true love.