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I took every opportunity available to me and have been able to experience a great education, have lived well and have benefited from all the work of all of those who came before me, including my father with his 2nd grade education, a hard worker who taught me the values of hard work and education.

I would also like to ask why you would kick me out when my asylum case had been denied. I stand proud every day because of them.

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Warren Canada Both my parents came to the U. Even though I will never get years back I pray every day to god to give me the chance to be able to see them someday because even though I have everything now I have an empty place in my heart of not being able to hug them or telling them how much they mean to me.

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When I came to America I was passed around with no status or papers. Of course, we welcome it.

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Honestly my life has completely changed. I had no idea this was happening until today when she and her 2 children were released. Police say both marriages took place in India and the second would be illegal under Indian law.

Like many immigrants, I am grateful for what America has to offer and strive to make America a better country. Sometimes I hate how unknowingly privileged they are.

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My dad left me and my mom and came to America for a better life. Rakhi Shahi, 31, and first wife Neelam Sharma, 38 The fraudsters issued hundreds of fake certificates which they claimed were not thoroughly checked by Home Office officials Shahi, 31, was given eight years for conspiracy, money laundering and using false documents.

Currently, illegal immigrant children who were educated in America from a young age have rights to work and receive financial aid.

The story of U.S. immigrants in their own words.

It has been 19 years and I was excited when they passed the act where students could get a legal temporary stay ,DACA deferred action for children arrivals. I can honestly say that I have lived the American Drea.

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In an interview with the Washington PostTrump identifies Carter Page as one of his foreign policy advisers. In they deported him and punished Telugu match making software for 10 years.

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S and finding info on permanent resident and citizenship through my mother. With the stain on her name, we were advised to wait for my citizenship before trying to legalize her.

Londoner Oregon My story starts in Haiti