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American public opinion initially stood by the large population of Japanese Americans living on the West Coast, with the Los Angeles Times characterizing them as "good Americans, born and educated as such.

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One young girl left a diary of her life in hiding, before she was captured. Roosevelt on February 19,authorized military commanders to designate "military areas" at their discretion, "from which any or all persons may be excluded.

Free, subsidized, or cheap food, below market prices undercuts local farmers, who cannot compete and are driven out of jobs and into poverty, further slanting the market share of the larger producers such as those from the US and Europe.

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One Thing Led to Another So then, we have the following remarkable sequence of events that led inexorably to the 'Great War' - a name that had been touted even before the coming of the conflict. Austria-Hungary's Reaction Austria-Hungary's reaction to the death of their heir who was in any case not greatly beloved by the Emperor, Franz Josefor his government was three weeks in coming.

If efforts are only directed at providing food, or improving food production or distribution, then the structural root causes that create hunger, poverty and dependency would still remain. World War 2 had ended.

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Food may be scarce, but it is international trade, economic policies and the control of land that have lead to immense poverty and hunger and therefore less access to food, not food scarcity due to over population.

The island was in a terrible economic depression, and Spanish general Valeriano Weylersent to crush the rebellion, herded Cuban peasants into concentration campsleading hundreds of Cubans to their deaths.

Serious historians have dismissed the telegram story as unlikely Some countries did not join the war, but stayed neutral on neither side.

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It was chiefly this moral obligation that drew Britain into the war in defence of France, although the British pretext was actually the terms of the largely forgotten Treaty of London that committed the British to defend Belgian neutrality discarded by the Germans as "a scrap of paper" inwhen they asked Britain to ignore it.

Whilst not really expecting that Russia would be drawn into the dispute to any great extent other than through words of diplomatic protest, the Austro-Hungarian government sought assurances from her ally, Germany, that she would come to her aid should the unthinkable happen and Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary.

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This period is known as The Battle of Britain. In the Soviet Union Russia was attacked by Germany. Turn it into a lullaby by spending not more than 5 minutes on this article.

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In short, should France or Russia be attacked by one of the Triple Alliance signatories - or even should a Triple Alliance power mobilise against either where to mobilise meant simply placing a nation on a war footing preparatory to the declaration of hostilitiesthe other power would provide military assistance.

It would seem that convicting people of disloyalty to our country without having specific evidence against them is too foreign to our way of life and too close akin to the kind of government we are fighting…. Executive Order created the Office of the Alien Property Custodian, and gave it discretionary, plenary authority over all alien property interests.

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What about their governments? First, he needed to engineer a credible reason for war.

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Poland was occupied by the Nazis. Louis Post-Dispatch the dominant daily in that city.

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In the 20th century there were two 'world wars'.