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I want to see where this goes for a while. However, I did not expect that my dating life would be this difficult. If I am being myself and it hasn't attracted anyone, then perhaps I have way bigger fish to fry than trying to get a date. I had been on a few dates with somethings, but nothing really came of those.

He sends me a text or Facebook message every day. As a single, straight female living in a metropolitan neighborhood, one would think that it would be fairly simple to meet men.

So, how Xojane dating I end up in this situation?

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It was a digital makeover, and just like in the movies where the girl turns heads after her transformation, my new profile would gain traction.

For the life of me, I cannot get a date. They say love hurts, but being rejected before you're even acknowledged hurts even more.

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He describes himself as an "old soul. She's younger than my mom she's the one who introduced me to rock 'n' roll, so I figured she'd be as good a jumping-off point as any.

Within a span of 72 hours, I had agreed to accept the Christmas present from a friend, a 4-month old marmalade colored kitten that a friend of a friend had found wandering around his apartment building.

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I've been checking a lot of things off of my bucket list. I'm not a huge drinker, so the bar scene has never really been my thing. He's turned me on to some new music and I've introduced him to some "classic" movies if you consider "Better Off Dead" a classic movie -- which you really should.

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I get the occasional look -- especially when we go out for drinks and get carded hey, at least I'm still getting carded and I'm pretty sure more than one person thought that, with our similar hair, skin and eye colors, that we were either brother and really older sister or mom and son, but the pros far outweigh the cons in our relationship.

Just typing that sentence stung. Even at my best I was not desirable. After a month of only getting two messages from men that were not my type, and receiving no response from any of my "matches" there had to be over 40 at that pointI enlisted feedback from my friends.

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What could be better than having tailored dates sent in my inbox every day? My inbox remained empty, and my insecurities were increasing with each click.

Although I am an introvert and would rather spend time with my cat while watching Netflix, I ventured out of my comfort zone and joined a co-ed softball league and registered for a comedy class. One guy I dated on and off I dubbed "Copperfield" as in magician David Copperfieldas he'd disappear for weeks at a time between dates.

No awkward pick-up lines, or reading between the lines. As the cat and Free trucker dating sites eyed each other up for the first time, we were both skeptical of each other.

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I drive a red Camaro. That's all I need. I expected life after college to be hard. The sad, destitute inbox of shame. I'm okay with not having to discuss it further for the time being.

Most of the guys were taken, while the others showed zero interest in my lame attempts to flirt. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but I'm not into one night stands either.