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The plague has effect not only on the body but also on the mind. This is again something he would not have thought of had it not been for the plague and another unlikely transformation as a result. Michael, the once respected town Rector loses his faith after the death of his wife and Anna Frith, the main protagonist of the novel and a very courageous one at that as she Mary and Alexander Hadfield lived in a small cottage in the village of Eyam.

Several notions regarding this topic exist throughout the novel, yet are mainly brought to mind by the inquisitiveness of Anna, and her independence.

Year of wonders

As would a marking if appropriate. Year of Wonders demonstrates the sinister side of religious fervour' Discuss.

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The negative side of human nature is revealed when the villagers collapse under the pressure of the plague Matchmaking gone wrong begin to lose themselves within their scapegoating, greed and witchcraft.

Aphra The character Aphra in the novel by year of wonders written by Geraldine Brooks is portrayed as mean, wild and cunning just like Josiah her husband. Throughout her tragic ordeal Anna Frith finds some undying strength to help loved ones and becomes more independent from such experiences.

With the guidance of Elinor Mompellion Exceptionally well researched and deftly constructed, Year of Wonders is a work that deserves serious attention. Discuss "Here we will be for one another" What effects does the plague have on the bonds within the community?

The Mompellions appear to be the perfect couple, but both have dark secrets that plague their souls as fiercely as the bacillus virus does the bodies of other villagers.

Through the death of her husband, Sam, Anna was somewhat forced into a state of independence.

Year of Wonders

The death of his wife Elinor caused such a transformation in Mompellion. He dies from a storm after his misfortunate forgotten retrieval from the punishment of having knives hammered through his hands into mine stowes. Throughout the plague year many of the villagers were affected by the tragic hit of the plague.

Furthermore, when Aphra is caught praying on the misfortune of the villages, her decent into madness begins.

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The protagonist, Anna Frith, has the most obvious transformation seen in the novel. Under these unfamiliar circumstances, each of the villagers reacts differently to their losses, and how they handle themselves under the fear of not knowing who is next.