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He was later signed as an artist by S. She's a woman who has a black belt in Taekwondo and talks in a husky male's voice. To reach her career goals, she first has to deal with the cold and aloof Hankyul, her boss, who she finds herself falling for. She is the owner of the "Lady Castle" and lives a "princess-like" life with her servants.

He was also one of the featured rappers on Dating schick injector razors song "Heartquake", a track from Super Junior 's third album, Sorry, Sorry.

Acting criticism[ edit ] InYoon starred in KBS's romantic comedy My Fair Ladyplaying an arrogant, strong-headed heiress of a rich business family. In addition, he also composed the rap in bandmate Junsu 's song, "Xiahtic".

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Meanwhile, Kang Hyung Joon Yoo Seung Ho is a cold-hearted, charismatic fund manager, who tries to take revenge on Han Jung Woo because of the troubled relationship within their family. Ji-Hyun is a striving young designer working in a clothing company, hoping that one day, her works will be recognized and have her own label.

Sungjun then meets Eunhong on a blind date and gets married. Breakthrough success with Princess Hours and Coffee Prince[ edit ] InYoon made her acting debut in romantic comedy Princess Hourswhere she played an ordinary girl who becomes the crown princess due to an arranged marriage to the crown prince.

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X[ edit ] Yoon Eun-hye debuted as a member of Baby V. On November 7,Park returned to television by participating in his fourth drama, MBC 's Missing You[21] in which he portrays homicide detective Han Jung-woo who, in the past when he was fourteen years old, was separated from his first love.

Yoon was the sub-vocal in the group.

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When she walks down the streets of Myung-dong, young girls would shriek and stare at her pretty boy looks. Park's third role was Lee Gak, a Joseon era prince who time-travels years to the present day, and also as Yong Tae-yong, third generation of conglomerate.

Later on, she finds a job in Coffee Prince, a cafe where she aims to become a barista one day.

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After her withdrawal, Yoon took a two-day vacation to Gangwon-do in March. Hwang to two years and six months one year less than prosecution's demand. Both sides agreed to retiring every judicial accusation against each other and not interfering in each other's actions.

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But when an unexpected death falls on Eun-hong, Sung-jun hears about her hher first love and decides to take her ashes to him. She played a tomboy who was mistaken for a boy by her employer. Since her father loved the taste of coffee, she developed an uncanny ability to tell apart coffee just by the smell of it.

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However the only reason why she holds these skills is to either humiliate men unworthy of her, or to add awkwardness to conversations. For this reason, Hye-Na is overtly indifferent and oblivious to others' feelings and situations and sees that the world only revolves around her.

Through their lawyers, the members stated that the year contract was excessively long, schedules were held out without the confirmation or permission of the members, contract terms have been extended and changed without their knowledge or consent and that the group's earnings were not fairly distributed to the members.


He portrayed Lee Seon Joon, a wealthy, passionable and studious nobleman, who falls in love with his fellow schoolmate—a woman disguised as a man. Despite being brought up receiving princess treatment with everything she wanted, throughout her upbringing, Hye-Na neither knew nor felt the emotional warmth from family and friends.

Being the only successor to the largest conglomerate company, Kang-san Group, Hye-Na has both the looks and the background. You have to make a living you know However, the company forced Yoon to withdraw in order for Yoon to star in a company-produced drama. And this breaks down Sung-jun, he almost gives up on life.

Debut with Baby V. Nineteen years later, she grudgingly accepts marriage to a handsome but outwardly unemotional Prince Shin. Remember the Memories" on March 10 and 11, as his first public appearance after being discharged as a public service worker.