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You re all going to regret not dating me in high school, 4th of july quotes and sayings

Personally, I hated high school. Choosing not to do something because you were worried about what other people thought. I was devastated, but I thought that if I showed how much I cared, I would look like a loser.

There is more to life than this stuff. Is this GIF funny?

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Following the path you thought you had to follow. You should take your own path and do what feels right for you. I wanted to be cool, so I smoked. I wanted to make my friends happy. When I was in high school, I got in a huge fight with one of my best friends.

I regret so much of that shyness. Choosing a relationship over your friends. Obsessing Matchmaking exploits having sex or kissing someone.

I pushed them away.

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This was literally my life in high school. It was so stupid. Now my parents are seriously my best friends and I feel really bad about how hard I made things back then.

I know that a first or new relationship is exciting and you want to be with your S. I refused to get to know them. Fighting with your parents and telling them you hate them. I know how incredibly difficult it is to NOT be shy when you are.

You are certainly not alone. I did this, and it is one of the biggest regrets of my life. I wanted to make my boyfriend happy. I promise it will make life so much better.

Please, please, please, consider ONLY you when making future plans like these. This happened to me and it sucked.

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Not standing up for the underdog. Acting super, super shy. Not paying attention to grades at all. I had to deal with very strict parents. Which of these things have you done?

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It is one of the most embarrassing times of your life, and you are going to do so many things that are going to make you smack your head in amazement later on in your life.