A walk around the farm on an autumn morning

Posted on October 8, 2012


Yardlong or red noodle beans

If it wasn’t fall before, it sure is fall now. Temperatures in eastern Massachusetts made their expected drop and the cool rain has returned, at least for tonight. I’m actually starting to believe that, with the exception of a few, scattered days of warmth, summer has ended.

Perseverance in action: broccoli after several chicken attacksBut even my relatively limited experience in vegetable and fruit production in the Northeast has taught me that the growing season does not end when the skirts get shoved back into the depths of my closet in exchange for thick knits and corduroy slacks. Au contraire! In the past few years I’ve come to find that this is the season when my favorites plants thrive. I couldn’t get a photo of everything, but I hope to return next weekend when the trees have a bit more color and rainy weather is expected.