Onward We Go

Posted on December 27, 2012


Christmas Day pulled pork!

Well, we made it to the end of 2012, folks. No zombies or other apocalyptic beings to be tamed, just copious amounts of buttery cookies, smoked and slow-cooked meats, stinky cheeses, red wine… and the widening waistlines that follow. I can deal with those things. With pleasure.

Bandit and our Christmas tree

The end of the year has brought about a strange energy to my apartment. I believe some people call it “motivation.” While we tend to edge on the hibernation side of living come December, my boyfriend and I have been eerily busy between work, home, and personal projects. So though we all but spent Christmas Day cooking, eating, and relaxing by the glow of our Charlie Brown tree, I sense that this January and February will be loaded to the brim with work of all sorts, to which we say, “BRING IT.”

EPH food pantry dry goods

My day-to-day at the food pantry, where I’ve been working since the end of October, is really starting to settle out now. The past several weeks have been a bit crazy between my transition into the position, a complete floor-to-ceiling renovation of the kitchen I use as the pantry, account issues with my most important volunteer recruitment intermediary, and holiday-related food drives with local businesses. As a result of all these things, my schedule has been flip-flopping and I’ve been working more hours than I initially expected, which is all good! Admittedly, I am quite excited for my EPH workload to return to its more regular Monday / Wednesday schedule so that I have more time to work on other things. Like this blog.

WFCF in December 2012

In the spirit of New Year’s and the tradition of goal-setting (not to mention my preoccupation with list making), I’ve decided to write out my own resolutions- big and small- for 2013.

    1. Eat, breath, and sleep this motto: (even) less is (even) more. The past five years have been a test in frugality for me. Needless to say, there have been some woeful moments (tuition payments were always a blast), but I am improving my checkbook balancing skills and loving a life with less fluff and junk. In the coming year, I aim to further decrease my spending on convenience / non-essential products and sharpen my thriftiness when it comes to finding and buying durable goods.
    2. Pre-plan my can plan. I’m proud of my 2012 larder, no doubt there. I tallied up more than two-hundred jars this year, and that’s only the canned stuff, not the dehydrated, fermented, or frozen items. Due to either time constraints or less-than-desirable turnouts, several preservation recipes I tried out did not get published here. For the upcoming growing season, I aim to start planning and sampling for my 2013 preserves NOW, as opposed to March like last year, so that I already have an arsenal of decidedly-appropriate recipes from which to work come late spring and summer.
    3. Maximize my use of social networks. I often joke that my new job requires me to create something out of nothing (all kidding aside, there is a system to getting “free” food, and I do get paid a wage for my work). In successfully doing said task, you gotta know people! And lots of them. Thanks to social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to people, for free. I’m so often positively affected by people whom I’ve met when they post about their work through these technologies. I keep them in my online circle, if you will, because they are a part of the reason I have chosen to go head-first after work that is meaningful to me. As they continue to impress and inspire me, I hope I might do the same. Isn’t that what it’s all about? In the coming year, I hope to better utilize the social networks I currently use while also joining other relevant networks.
    4. Make art happen. I am probably the last person on earth who would ever refer to myself as an artist. But that’s not to say I don’t like to make art or crafts. In fact, that is precisely what I intend to do in the coming year. Expect to see more original works on LMC, including but not limited to the realms of graphic design and digital photography / video. Hell, you might even get a hands-on tutorial of some sort if you’re lucky.
    5. Be open to new ranges. I gave my heart and soul to a boy five years ago, and I am ever-grateful that he and I are still journeying through this life together. Though we both absolutely love this area of the country and find it hard to even imagine living any where else, we recently reminded ourselves that nothing is preventing us from packing up and finding a new spot to call home. So while I have no steadfast plans of leaving Greater Boston this year or the next, the idea is seriously being considered for the first time in a LONG time.

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season. See you in 2013!