The Passage

Posted on April 6, 2013


About three months ago, I had no idea what was to become of the life I pieced together over at Howard Street. For an instant, it felt as though everything I had become so used to was about to be ripped from my being. It’s not that I don’t like change; I’m just not too fond of the type of change that is forced upon you, unexpectedly, when you are in no position to accept said change. I think most human beings- hell, beings in general- can relate.

Attachment #1: roommate's cat

Luckily that instant was just that. A moment of anxiety and sense of loss over a time and place that no longer really existed. I could hear the faint whine of my own tiny violin begin to play.

Old apartment (pardon the mess)

The apartment we left behind over the past several days still feels like ours. As my love expressed upon moving our last load of stuff into the new place, it feels like we’re staying in someone else’s home, or even more, like we’re visiting a really nice timeshare or beach house. We had become so comfortable in our (literally) crumbling 19th century apartment, and so attached to all of the memories it held. We knew we’d have to go soon, just not THAT soon. More like two or three years kind of “soon.” Not “by April 1st” kind of soon.

New apartment

I am not a superstitious gal. I don’t believe in fate the way in which many do. But it was definitely time to move on, and since we ourselves were not ready to move on, it seemed as though the universe ( …or our new landlord) made the decision for us. All I have to say is thank GOODNESS I had to pee at 2:30AM the night I stumbled upon the Craigslist post for the apartment in which we now reside. Score one for bodily function!

Beet transplants at Wright-Locke Farm

Incredible things have been happening in my life this year, and it’s only the beginning of April. Spring is finally, actually here, soil is being broken into, seeds and plants are going into the ground, and summer is a mere eleven weeks away. I now live in a beautiful, impeccably-maintained home that is structurally and geographically very-much the same as our old digs. I have no complaints, only heaps of gratitude and appreciation for what we’ve had and what we now have. I PROMISE new recipes and posts relating to local food preservation, healthy eating, and small-scale ag are coming your way. Just not quite yet. Stay tuned.

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