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Guide to Joining a CSA

February 3, 2013


As a workshare receiving produce for volunteer work at a CSA-based farm in my city, I find it hard to tell anyone to NOT join a CSA, an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture (a business model in which shareholders pay in advance for a produce “share” they receive in installments over the growing season or […]

Maple Apple Butter

October 4, 2012


Lately, it’s been hard to tell if I live in Boston or Seattle. A seemingly-endless stretch of dark and drizzly days has been a boon to the fall garden- now full of leafy greens, brassicas, and some root crops- and a great excuse to stay indoors. As I keep hacking away at that can plan […]

Foraging with Russ Cohen, Part I: Stinging Nettles

April 7, 2012


Shortly before receiving the delightful news of my garden plot assignment last Sunday, I was out scouring the forest floor of a nearby reservation site for stinging nettles. Let me backtrack. I met Russ about a year and a half ago at a Waltham Fields’ potluck. Without knowing who he was, we struck up a […]

Time to get growing

March 21, 2012


It’s as if the universe, in all of her majesty, somehow knows that a) it is my birthday (week), b) it is my Spring Break, and c) I’m itching to get down and dirty in the Learning Garden. The weather has been absolutely glorious up here in the Northeast, and I’m trying to take advantage […]

Homemade Yogurt

March 12, 2012


The sun is out, the temps are up, kids are playing in the streets, and the flock of chickadees inhabiting the hedge that divides my neighbors’ back yards are singing with all their might. At risk of being slightly premature, I will say that spring has SPRUNG in Massachusetts, and I could not be a […]

Digging In & Putting Up in 2012: Part II

March 7, 2012


I’m kind of in disbelief that it’s already March, and I sense there are plenty of others feelin’ me on this. Every year that goes by seems faster than the one before it, and an essential lack of all things winter (snow, stretches of bone-chilling temps… did I mention snow?) in the Northeast this year […]

Honey Whole Wheat Rolls + a Locavore Dilemma

February 28, 2012


Consuming a diet consisting of mostly local foods may not be a novel concept, but it sure is making a comeback. Between 2010 and 2011 alone, the USDA cited a 17% increase in farmers markets throughout the United States. As locally-grown, raised, and produced goods become more accessible in terms of location, price, and year-round […]