DIY Diet Analysis

February 23, 2013


The snowy landscapes of today aren’t fooling me. Spring is on its way, and I’m preparing to trade treadmills for trail runs and garden work as I begin my education coordinator position at Wright-Locke Farm. In doing so, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be healthy, and how so many, regardless […]

Guide to Joining a CSA

February 3, 2013


As a workshare receiving produce for volunteer work at a CSA-based farm in my city, I find it hard to tell anyone to NOT join a CSA, an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture (a business model in which shareholders pay in advance for a produce “share” they receive in installments over the growing season or […]

Honeyed Mandarin Orange Marmalade

February 1, 2013


My first 2013 canned preserve will likely be my last at my current residence. Bittersweet, I know… just like this beauty of a fruit spread. The lower-sugar mandarin orange marmalade utilizes the whole fruit for its hidden pectin, incredible flavor, and bright hue. Honeyed Mandarin Orange Marmalade Yields about 7¬†half-pints Ingredients: about 4 lbs mandarin […]

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Pre-plan Can Plan

January 20, 2013


Homemade jams and marmalade

2013 brought about some unsavory circumstances around these here parts. First my monthly student loan debt payment doubled (bye, bye grace period). Then I had the pleasure of dealing with credit card fraud for the first time. And then I found out the house I live in had been sold, without any prior notice to […]

Small Batch Apple Butter

January 17, 2013


Spiced apple butter

Oh, hey you. I know it’s been several weeks since I’ve written out a recipe. Picking up my food pantry coordinator job is partially to blame (in the BEST of ways) for this, but the bigger reason is that… I’ve got nothing. Right now, at least. All food growing and preservation has come to a […]

Onward We Go

December 27, 2012


Bandit and our Christmas tree

Well, we made it to the end of 2012, folks. No zombies or other apocalyptic beings to be tamed, just copious amounts of buttery cookies, smoked and slow-cooked meats, stinky cheeses, red wine… and the widening waistlines that follow. I can deal with those things. With pleasure. The end of the year has brought about […]

Pumpkin Pie Butter

November 9, 2012


Freshly-cut long pie pumpkin from Waltham Fields

If you walked along my street today (and also happened to live under a rock), you’d have no idea that our first snowy nor’eastah had hit us just a day and a half prior. And I’m not complaining. The first snow is always usually fun, and the sight of ANY snow at all is exciting […]

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